After Sale Service

Within one year from the date of purchase, you can enjoy the one-year warranty service if the product fails under normal use, with a product order/receipt. The scope of services is as follows:

For full-body training stations, fitness machine, and cardio machines:

  • Free parts / accessories (including related shipping costs)
  • On-site repair service (Note: for equipment under $3000, enjoy free on-site repair service for the first 3 months; $3001-6000, enjoy the first 6 months free on-site repair service; others enjoy 1 year of free on-site repair service. After such period, any on-site repair services will incur a fee (starting at $600), and if the equipment needs to be shipped to the repair address, we will not cover the related round-trip shipping costs.)
  • If the repair address is located in a remote island area or a restricted area, we will charge an additional $300 for remote service.

Other Categories︰

  • Necessary parts are arranged free of charge. Customers will need to pick them up at NutroOne store.  Any courier cost from nutroone store to customer address will be charged upon delivery.
  • Consumable products, including Sports Nutrition, Skin care and Beauty products, and Fitness Accessories, are only subject to the refund and exchange policy.
  • Minor scratches, stains, odors, paint peeling, or issues that do not affect normal use are not included in the after-sales service scope.
  • No on-site repair service is offered.

NutroOne reserves the final right to interpret the terms and conditions herein.

Warranty service terms:

  • Any damaged/unused parts after replacement will be owned by our company, and our company will not be responsible for the scratches or damage to the equipment caused during repairs.
  • If the product or its parts have been discontinued, or the product is damaged beyond repair, the company reserves the right not to repair it and/or replace it with other products.

During the warranty period, if the following situations occur, the warranty rights will be lost and the warranty will be handled in accordance with the maintenance policy after warranty.

  • Product is not used in accordance with the user manual, product safety guide, etc.
  • Power supply is not used in accordance with the instructions in the user manual or the product fails due to poor installation.
  • Product fails due to the use of non-original consumables or non-original parts.
  • Failure to regularly replace consumables or consumable parts as instructed in the user manual causes product failure.
  • Unauthorized addition and/or modification of this product.
  • Product is repaired by a technician who is not authorized by NutroOne, and the product fails.
  • When the product fails due to force majeure factors such as natural disasters and earth changes.
  • When the product is not transported according to the instructions of the manual
  • Product is dropped or the voltage is abnormal, and the product fails.
  • When the product malfunctions and damages caused by foreign objects such as cockroaches, ants, glue or grit.
  • After the warranty period expires, including maintenance, repair or adjustment services, repair fees will be charged accordingly. If there are parts that need to be replaced, the cost of the parts will be quoted and is responsible by the customers.

Warranty method

  1. Contact us by email
  2. List machine problems in detail, and provide relevant pictures or videos
  3. We arrange quotations (if any) and arrange for professional maintenance personnel to visit and repair.

NutroOne reserves the right to interpret and amend the terms and conditions of the listed services.