Upgraded PVC 4-in-1 Adjustable Dumbbell ‧ Barbell ‧ Kettlebell Set ‧ Push-up Stand

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With this versatile design, you can transform your dumbbell into barbell and kettlebell. Total weight can go up to 40kg.

Perform exercise which fits your routine easier.

Dumbbell surface is made of strengthened, thickened PVC materials and is filled by cement. Due to manufacturing method and to ensure durability, there will be slight amount of grease on dumbbell surface. Please be aware and wipe the surface with towel if needed (small amount of detergents can be used).

The set includes:

  • Weight Plates (Please refer to the table in description)
  • Dumbbell Handle x 2
  • 40cm Connector x 1 (Transform dumbbell into barbell)
  • Kettlebell handle x 2 (Act as Push-up Stands)
  • Kettlebell Weight Holder x 1

Please note while using 40cm connector, you should ensure the nuts are removed on both connector ends and each dumbbell handle should be at least 4 cm inside the connector.